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Trail Map


You will want to check our bunny hill before going over to the chairlift. Minnebakken is in the western part of the area (to the right, if you are looking at the hills). Minnebakken is serviced by a rope tow. Behind Minnebakken is Mickebakken and Guttenhaugen - the two other Green Circle runs that make up our Beginner Area. The other good beginner option is Bjorkdahl, located to the far west of the area (to the far right if you are facing the hills) Bjorkdahl takes a nice slow pace around the side of the main Trollhaugen runs, and is serviced by a chairlift.



Nissebakken is the so called "Main Run" at Trollhaugen and is the run that directly faces the chalet. Nissebakken's combination of length, width, and pitch make for one of Trollhaugen's most popular runs. Julebakken is one of our most fun runs; it's a wide run (by Midwest standards), with fun rollers groomed into the left hand side of the slope. Lee's Run is also one of the most popular trails. It's another wide trail that gives you multiple ways to ski/board the run. There are 3 different exit points from Lee's run. Beginner's beware: 2 of those exits are to black diamond runs.



For advanced skiers Storebakken is one of our best runs. There is a large face off of the hill which provides for some of the fastest speeds at Trollhaugen; combined with the length of the hill makes Storebakken a favorite of racers. Another black diamond run right next to Storebakken is Galende. Galende is a steep and narrow trail surrounded by trees making for a unique ride.