Trollhaugen Winter Job Fair - this Sunday October 20th 11:00am to 1:00pm.

Snow Tubing

Looking to ReOpen Early December 2020


If you like sledding, you will love snow tubing. Imagine the thrill of sliding down a snowy run and then effortlessly riding a moving sidewalk back up. Tubes are provided and a conveyor surface lift is available for you to ride up the hill. No experience or special equipment is needed. Just hop in our tube and enjoy the ride.


Click Here To Download Tubing Release From. These are also available and can be filled out at the Tubing Area.


Regular Season Hours

Fridays 5pm - 9pm
Saturdays 10am - 7pm
Sundays 12pm - 6pm
Dec. 24: ($15 all day passes) 12pm - 4pm
Dec. 25: 1pm - 5pm
Dec 26 -27 12pm - 6pm
Dec 28 (Friday) 12pm - 9pm
Dec 31 - Jan 1 12pm - 6pm
Monday, Jan 20 & Monday Feb. 17 12pm - 4pm


2019-2020 Tubing Rates


**Show your Trollhaugen season pass at tubing hill and get Tube Ticket for half price!!


Tubing Birthday Parties At Trollhaugen

$100 - 2 hours of tubing for 8 participants, includes optional cupcakes for participants and 1 reserved table
each additional tuber - $12

Available on Fridays 5p-9p, Saturdays 3p-7p, Sundays 3p-6p


Snow Tubing FAQ:


What are your general rules?

All participants ("tubers") must use our snow tubes

There can only be 1 tuber per tube

We recommend all tubers be 42" or higher, (parent's discretion)

Ski boots are not allowed on the tubing hill or on the conveyor lift with the exception of Ski Patrol

We ask that participants not walk, sit, kneel, or run on the conveyor lift, please remain standing

Before tubing down a tubing lane, make sure the lane is clear of any other tubers before descending.

When exiting your lane, look uphill before crossing any other lanes

No horseplay


What is your chaining policy?

Chaining is the act of linking tubes together so multiple tubers can tube down a snow-tube lane.  We typically allow chains of 2 to 8 depending on the conditions of the snow tubing hill.  We reserve the right to limited certain lanes or the entire hill to only one tuber per lane.


Can my young child sit in my lap?

No, each participant must be in their own tube.  Furthermore the tubing is recommended for heights of 42" and up.  The lanes can be fast and may frighten some children.  However, parents are the best gauge as to whether their child is ready for or will enjoy the tubing hillWe do have smaller tubes available for children.  Each participant must pay for admission and tube rental and there is only one base rate.