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Hiring For Summer Positions

Hiring For Summer Positions


All Summer candidates must be 18+. Jobs listed below are in a physically demanding environment and require cardiovascular endurance and strength. All jobs require excellent communication skills as you need to be able to relay pertinent safety protocols to participants and co-workers. The physical and emotional safety of all is our number one priority. Below is a list of further job expectations:
* Appreciation of heights
* Comfortable speaking in front of groups and interacting with others
* Monitor behavior and activity of customers
* Reliable transportation
* Appreciation and respect for the challenge by choice policy
* Need to make training dates (full days):

There are different amounts of training hours for the below positions required before employment. Hired workers will be compensated for their training hours once they finished a the season. All certification costs are paid for by the employer.

Positions Available
Ground School Attendant:

Job tasks:
* Welcome participants/customers while always creating a positive and comfortable atmosphere
* Introduce the park, rules, and safety protocols
* Proper gear up of customers and equipment training
* Equipment inspection

Park Monitor/Zip Guide:
 Job Tasks:
* All the duties of the Ground School Attendant
* Monitoring the park and assisting individuals when needed
* Co-lead groups through the zip tour
* Equipment and limited course inspection

Rescue Guide/Lead Zip Guide:
 Job Tasks:
* All the duties of both Ground School and Park Monitor
* Certified at the highest site specific rescue certification and able to act in emergency situations
* Lead groups through zip tours
* Course inspection

Adventure Education Facilitator:
 Depends on above certification level
 Job Tasks:
* Lead groups through specially designed programs that enhance leadership, communication, and problem solving skills as well as group cohesion, trust, decision making, conflict resolution, and creativity.
* Monitor and continually assess group behavior and act according
* Comfortable and confident speaking in front of groups
* Able to discuss and establish participant’s goals and develop program outline prior to arrival
* Retain knowledge of numerous activities