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Food Drive

October 16, 2008

Community Members Rise To A Food Challenge

On October 5, 2008, Trollhaugen hosted a Harvest Food Drive with hopes of collecting at least 4000 pounds of food for the local food shelves. Despite the rainy weather, this years food drive was a bountiful success! Collectively, the boxes of food weighed in at 4180 pounds, and more than 2500 members of the surrounding communities gathered ogether to support the event. The mass quanities of food that was contributed will be distributed to 4 food shelves, all of which are in desperate
need of food. “When I called the local food shelves to inquire about hosting an event like this, I received the most positive feedback. The food shelf directors were excited to receive such quantities of food and all expressed their need for it,” says the event’s coordinator, Summer Kelly. “I am so pleased with the turnout for this event, and I am extremely grateful to the members of the community for their generosity. Without their support, this event would never have been possible.”

The bundles of food were delivered to the Open Pantry food shelf, in Osceola, WI, with Anderson Furniture’s delivery truck. The rest of the food was picked up by the Salvation Army and the St. Croix Falls Food Shelf. In addition, $160 was donated to the Five Loaves Food Shelf in New Richmond, WI. Trollhaugen’s Harvest Food Drive was made complete with other festive activities including Green Implement hay rides, chair lift rides, and an early season Rail Jam.

Thank you to the generous members of the surrounding communities, Greene Implement of Osceola, WI, and Anderson Furniture of St. Croix Falls.

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